PPE Assessment


Recognizing Hazards

From the OSHA Case Files

“An apprentice sheet metal worker was part of a team of four men unloading a powered scaffold from a truck parked in front of the company shop. A power lift on the truck was being used to move the scaffold to the ground. Standing next to the truck, the apprentice and a co-worker guided the power lift operator as he maneuvered the scaffold to the ground. Earlier, the apprentice had washed the company truck. Now, he was standing on ground still wet from the washing. As the power lift on the truck elevated and turned, it contacted an overhead power line. A “ball of fire” engulfed the hoist cable momentarily paralyzing the apprentice and his co-worker. Both men fell to the ground as the lift lost contact with the overhead power line. The apprentice died en route to the hospital while his co-worker suffered minor burns to his hands.”

Electric Lines

  • Apprentice sheet metal worker
  • Unloading scaffold from truck
  • A power lift was being used to hoist scaffold
  • Apprentice and co-worker guided scaffold as it was lifted from truck
  • Apprentice had washed truck earlier
  • Standing on wet ground
  • Lift contacted an overhead power line
  • Apprentice and his co-worker electrocuted
  • Apprentice killed
  • Co-worker injured